City of Napa and Napa Recycling and Waste Services

Napa, California | 25,000 TPY | 2017

The City of Napa and Napa Recycling and Waste Services, LLC are working with Zero Waste Energy (ZWE) to develop an anaerobic digestion (AD) to biofuel project that will help the city of Napa achieve AB32, AB340 and AB1826 goals as well as city goals, seeking to reach 75% total landfill diversion and increase organic waste recovery from food services businesses by 2020. Successful pilot programs have been underway for both the proposed business and residential diversion programs. The commercial food program will expand to service over 200 businesses up to 5 times a week. Approximately 25,000 tons per year of yard and food waste will be processed via the SMARTFERM facility to generate the equivalent of 330,000 diesel gallons (DGE) to fuel the waste collection fleet. The ZWE AD project will begin preliminary construction efforts in 2015 with the plant to be fully completed in 2017.

The project will include:

  • 5 dry AD Concrete SMARTFERM digesters
  • Up to 25,000 tons per year of organic waste throughput
  • Fueling station capable of 2 fast-fill fueling options and 16 time-filled fueling options
  • 21-day batch process transforms waste into biogas and digestate for high-quality compost


  • Enables City of Napa to reach 75% diversion from landfill
  • Achieves AB32, AB340 and AB1826 sustainability goals with SMARTFERM
  • Produces enough bio CNG to fuel up to 34 City of Napa collection trucks
  • Offers economic savings based on current tipping fees
  • Provides digestate for the production of high-quality compost

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