Financial Return

Systems & Approaches that Deliver a Solid Return on Investment.

Making organizational changes comes down to finances. Here is an example of the ROI your organization can expect from using Zero Waste Energy technology solutions.

Sample Company Profile: 25,000 TPY AD to CNG

  • Organic Material Collected per Year – 25,000 tons SSO (80% food/20% Other)
  • Current Market Landfill Rate/Tip Fees – $45/ton + $10 Transportation
  • Market rate for CNG is $2.50/DGE currently supplied by 3rd Party
  • Digestate costs after processing (Compostable Material) T&D is $10/ton
  • Each truck uses approximately 10,000 gallons per year of fuel
  • Each Ton of Organics produces approximately 12 DGE annually
  • 298,981 DGE/Year will fuel approximately 30 trucks annually (10,000 gallons/year/truck)
  • 20,000 tpy of Food Waste produces 5,897.01 Emission reduction for Carbon Credits
  • Each Ton of Organics produces approximately 20 RINs or 502,831 RINs/Year
  • Each RIN is valued at $0.80 or $1.35/DGE
  • Each LCFS Credit is worth approximately $.54 per DGE produced


Sample company currently spends $55/ton for the transportation and disposal of the organic fraction at 3rd party landfill. In addition, they spend approximately $750,000 per year on CNG for 30 routes. By installing a 25,000 TPY SMARTFERM® , they would realize an additional $1.3M in pre-tax cash available to equity due to tip fee avoidance as well as creating their own CNG as a result. Not part of this calculation would be the cost of separating the organic fraction, either through creating source separated routes or installing mechanical separation equipment.

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