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In partnership with Blue Line Transfer Inc. and South San Francisco Scavenger Co., ZWE designed and developed the Blue Line Biogenic CNG Facility- a project essential in addressing numerous AB 32 requirements.  A SMARTFERM dry AD facility will transform 11,200 tons of food and green waste per year into biogenic compressed natural gas (bio CNG), and provide digestate that will be transformed into organic-certified compost.  The facility is expected to produce over 100,000 diesel equivalent gallons of CNG per year- enough to fuel 10 of Blue Line’s CNG-fueled collection vehicles.

  • 8 dry anaerobic digesters
  • IVC tunnels to scrub ammonia
  • Biogas powered boiler unit to provide heat for plant
  • Separate enclosed and negatively aerated receiving bay

Zero Waste Energy

Zero Waste Energy

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The Process

The Numbers

  • Assists the City of South San Francisco and commercial clients to achieve AB32 sustainability goals with almost 95% diversion of organic waste from landfills
  • Produces enough bio CNG to fuel 10 of the fleet’s CNG-fueled collection vehicles each day
  • Reduces CO2 emissions by using low carbon fuel and avoiding methane generation at the landfill
  • Generates electric power and heat used to run the facility
  • Promotes local companies that can export this technical expertise to other regions throughout the state
  • Retains money in the local community by producing jobs locally
  • Provides digestate for the production of high-quality compost
  • Offers an economic solution based on current tipping fees