Our partners make us stronger.


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Bulk Handling Systems (BHS)

ZWE provides waste sorting and processing systems through its relationship with Bulk Handling Systems (BHS).  The advanced waste processing, screening and sorting systems built by BHS for ZWE provide the performance required for mixed waste and organic waste processing.  BHS corporate headquarters’ and manufacturing operations’ location in Eugene, Oregon allow for close development and production of both patented custom equipment and newly developed products. Founded in 1976, BHS is the leading and most innovative manufacturer of recycling processing equipment in the world.  Operating in six continents, BHS is able to provide ZWE with project support for their mechanical processing systems in the Americas and Asia.


esg_logoEnvironmental Solutions Group (ESG)

ESG  provides the shop manufactured components for ZWE’s SMARTFERM® systems in North America and collaborates on synergistic waste-to-energy applications.  Environmental Solutions Group (ESG), a Dover Industries company, is a fully integrated equipment group serving the solid waste and recycling industry.  ESG is able to support the SMARTFERM system through  in-house engineering and manufacturing capabilities, a wide-reaching service network, and unmatched industry expertise.