Industry leaders in action.

Zero Waste Energy is an industry-leading development company that designs, builds, and operates integrated solid waste facilities.  ZWE is dedicated to providing sustainable and flexible solutions for meeting waste processing needs and providing optimal recovery while generating a solid return on investment.  With extensive expertise and advanced technologies, ZWE offers innovative mixed solid waste processing and patented anaerobic digestion systems for conversion of organic waste into valuable renewable energy and clean compost.

ZWE is led and staffed by waste industry insiders who each have more than 20 years of experience in financing, designing, building, managing and operating successful waste management facilities.  As a solutions provider, ZWE looks at the application of technologies that are executable given the technical, economic and environmental considerations of the facility and operator.  We maintain a number of proven technologies through licensing and other formal relationships with suppliers who are selected based upon the quality and effectiveness of their products. Our technologies are built in the US specifically for the waste industry.