Planning is critical to every project.

In order to develop a final project that best fits each individual client’s needs and takes advantage of potential opportunities, it is critical to perform the appropriate solutions planning at the start of each project.  In addition to delivering innovative, game-changing technologies, we provide thorough analysis of all aspects of a project. For example, which of our flexible approaches from design-build to own-operate will work best for you? We also take into consideration the following during the Project Planning Services phase of every project:

Market Strategy Development

ZWE personnel have extensive experience throughout the U.S. in the waste services industry and bring that knowledge to the forefront of all projects.  We can provide in-depth analysis of potential waste streams, including  leveraging  long established relationships with industry executives, both from the large public companies as well as regional private companies, into service agreements for waste volume.  We have also established relationships with the leading consulting firms who specialize in locating industrial and commercial organic waste volume to fuel your facility.

Technology Selection

We place a heavy emphasis on finding the best technologies that most appropriately fit each client’s needs.  We hold exclusive licenses on leading technologies already in use throughout Europe and now in the United States, as well as have existing partnerships with other leading technology providers.  We will determine the best in class technology that most fits your specific needs.

Project and Site Permitting

ZWE offers significant experience in project permitting specific to solid waste processing and renewable energy facilities.  No company has permitted more dry AD facilities in the U. S.  In concert with our strategic business partners, we assist our clients and their permitting specialists through this stage of the process with our expertise in understanding all nuances of both state and local requirements for everything from land use and air quality to construction permitting.

Facility and Equipment Engineering

Our philosophy at ZWE is to provide value-driven engineering services for the facilities we design and construct, while matching the equipment with the anticipated future needs of our clients.  Each project is different in its requirements and therefore incorporates the flexibility needed to take advantage of the opportunities available to each individual client.  We have established agreements with the leaders in the technology manufacturing world and are constantly working with them to improve the design and manufacturing of our equipment.

Project Financing

ZWE maintains solid relationships with commercial banks and equity investors, as well as Federal, state, and local government agencies with the intent of helping facilitate the most advantageous financing packages for our clients.  This includes the use of grants, bond financing and credits (such as Investment Tax Credits (ITC), Renewable Energy Credits (RECs), Carbon Credits and Renewable Identification Numbers (RINs)), and additional long-term revenue sources.

Design and Construction Management

As a licensed engineering and construction company with professionals possessing years of experience in design, construction, and operation of solid waste facilities, ZWE brings a real world perspective that envisions the facility from the user’s viewpoint.

Facility Start-up/Transition Services

For a project to be successful, ZWE must be involved in the development and implementation of the start-up plan.  We work with our clients to develop a realistic start-up plan focused on optimizing the equipment and processes in a timely and operationally efficient manner and to provide on-the-ground support during the initial facility start-up.  Our typical on-site team works with the client for the first 90 days as part of the initial training process.  We remain in a constant supervisory role throughout the operation as we have access at all times to the facility parameters and operation via our SCADA system on-line.

Facility Management and Operational Support

ZWE management and staff are experienced solid waste and engineering professionals who provide the operational support necessary to make our clients’ projects successful.  We have the ability to develop facility operating processes and operational improvement strategies to manage your facility under a full-service operating agreement.  We will provide detailed operations manuals as well as on-call help throughout the operation of your facility.

Technical Support

At ZWE, we are able to provide our clients with immediate support on a variety of technical service issues, which allows us to stand behind our systems once they are in place.  Our technical support network enables us to respond quickly to our customers and to monitor and adjust their systems to account for changing requirements.

Renewable Energy and Carbon Credit Marketing

Technologies employed by ZWE generally reduce greenhouse gases and  qualify for  credits under a number of different Federal and State programs.  To maximize the potential project benefits for our clients, we work closely with highly skilled experts in defining and marketing Renewable Energy Credits and renewable Carbon Credits to assist our clients in optimizing their credit opportunities.

Biogas RIN Generation

Under the Federal Renewable Fuel Standards (RFS) program created in 2005, any refiner that produces or imports gasoline or diesel is “obligated” to create a calculated volume of renewable fuels to reduce Green House Gases (GHG) by reducing the volume petroleum-based fuels produced and imported in the U.S.  They are called “obligated parties” (OP) and they must meet established renewable fuel standards by 2022.  OPs can utilize renewable fuel that has been blended into or substituted for fossil fuels to meet these standards.

As an incentive, a Renewable Identification Number or RIN is submitted to the EPA as a quantitative representation of the amount of biofuel produced on a calculated per gallon basis.  OPs can meet their obligations by purchasing RINs assigned to qualified offsetting biofuels producers.

To generate a RIN, both the biogas producer (supply) and transportation (end-use demand) are required.  Qualifying end-use transportation includes:

  • Renewable electricity – (LFG) used in electric vehicles
  • Upgraded biogas to inject into the natural gas grid (off take – CNG)
  • CNG on-site production / filling station for CNG vehicle fleets

The EPA is modifying the RIN program to expand the qualifying standards to include fuel produced through the AD conversion of green waste and food waste into a renewable biofuel, such as the AD conversion of biogas to CNG with ZWE SMARTFERM configurations.  This will result in a new, long-term revenue stream for ZWE clients.