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Company Quick Facts

Founded in 2009 & Based in Lafayette, California

Company Mission: To design, construct, retrofit (where applicable), and operate solid waste handling and advanced composting facilities that optimize waste diversion and the generation of renewable energy in an efficient and environmentally sound manner.

Executive Team
Eric Herbert, Chief Executive Officer
Jeff Draper, Senior Vice President
Dirk Dudgeon, Senior Vice President of Business Development
Jeff Bogg, Vice President of Project Delivery
Mario Gutierrez, Vice President of Operations
Todd Stewart, Vice President of Project Management
Joerg Blischke, Director of Project Engineering

Exclusive Technologies
SMARTFERM– SMARTFERM is a state-of-the-art dry anaerobic digestion (AD) system for organic waste processing. SMARTFERM transforms organic waste, such as food and yard waste, into biogas to be converted to electricity or CNG and high quality digestate to be sold as compost. We can design a facility for almost any organic material throughput volume from 5,000 TPY to 100,000 TPY utilizing this proprietary dry anaerobic digestion technology.

In-Vessel Composting (IVC)– IVC is a fully enclosed system that accelerates and accurately controls the natural aerobic break down of biodegradable waste to create a high-quality compost product. With the ZWE patented IVC and LT Systems, the active compost process and maturation period can be accomplished in less than 28 days. At the end of this period, compost is ready to bag for retail sales or sold in bulk to end users.

Project Accomplishments
First operating SMARTFERM in North America, Located at the Monterey Regional Waste Management District in Marina, California

Largest Dry Anaerobic Digestion Facility in the World, Located in the City of San Jose, California

First project in US to convert food & green waste into low carbon CNG fuel for the organic MSW collection fleet, Located in South San Francisco, California

Making CNG available to private and public vehicles through an onsite fueling station, Located in Montgomery, Alabama

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Press Releases

World’s Largest Dry Fermentation Anaerobic Digestion Facility Opens
November 25, 2013

Zero Waste Energy Breaks Ground on Waste to CNG Fuel Facility
November 7, 2013

Country’s First SMARTFERM Launched by Zero Waste Energy and Monterey Regional Waste Management District
January 25th, 2013

Zero Waste Energy at 50th Annual WASTECON
August 16th, 2012

SMARTFERM Technology Introduced in CA
July 19th, 2012

Expansion Continues at Zero Waste Energy
May 10th, 2012

Zero Waste Energy Expands Kompoferm and SMARTFERM Licenses to Asia and Latin America
September 7th, 2011


Monterey Regional Waste Management District, Marina, California
First operating SMARTFERM system in North America

Zero Waste Energy Development Corp, San Jose, California
Largest dry AD facility in the world

Blue Line Transfer, South San Francisco, California
First ZWE project in US to convert food & green waste into low carbon CNG fuel.

IREP-Montgomery, Montgomery, Alabama
ZWE will operate MRF, design and build AD facility and operate AD and compost facility. Biogas to convert to CNG fuel for City fleet.

Agromin, Oxnard, California
SMARTFERM project to enhance leading compost company’s operation.

Alwaseeta, Doha, Qatar
Designing & Implementing a recycling program for the country of Qatar. ZWE’s first international project.


Project Updates & Company News
November 25, 2013

Monterey Regional Waste Management District, South San Francisco Scavengers, and Zero Waste Energy Development Company.
March 7th, 2013

Zero Waste Energy’s First U.S. Plant Nears Completion; South San Francisco Project Receives CEC Grant.
November 7th, 2012