Considerations for your potential project. 

There are a number of factors we take into consideration when starting to discuss any project.  The following is a brief list of items to discuss with your team to determine how ZWE and our technologies can best fit your needs.

What are your goals for the project? Is there any legislation, certifications, or benchmarks you are trying to fulfill?
As we plan your project, we can help you work toward these goals, but we need to know what they are so we incorporate them as thoroughly as possible.

How is the waste presently sorted? Is the organic (food and yard/agricultural) waste separated at the source or would this need to be done before going to the digester?
At ZWE, we have the ability to provide the appropriate level of MRF given your waste composition.
How much organic waste do you generate per year?

If you generate over 20,000 TPY of organic waste, your facility will benefit from our cast in place concrete SMARTFERM design.  If less than that, it may be better suited for a pre-fabricated steel design.

Do you currently collect the garbage, including the organic waste?

We need to understand if you have control of the organic waste, or if you need to develop an agreement with waste providers.

What are the tipping fees and/or handling charges that are presently associated with this waste?

Disposal fee avoidance can be a significant driver of a need for an AD facility.  However, there are many other mitigating factors, such as legislation, enhanced recovery, municipal requirements, contract requirements, fuel pricing, environmental-based incentives, etc., that may be driving the project.

Do you have a site identified for the AD system?

If you own the land this obviously helps the financial incentives.  The smallest SMARTFERM requires 3,000 square feet for all equipment and scales up from there.

What will you do with the resulting digestate?

Do you have a compost partner or plan to finish the composting (drying) process yourself?  Do you plan to sell it for agriculture use or use it as a soil amendment for landscaping?

Do you plan to operate the facility yourself?

ZWE provides facility management.  We have the ability to develop facility operating processes and operational improvement strategies or to manage your facility under a full-service operating agreement; but we need to know if you would like to conduct these services so that we can include it in our proposal.