Our Company's Mission: To design, build, and operate advanced solid waste processing facilities that optimize resource recovery and the generation of renewable energy in an efficient and environmentally sound manner.


Material Recycling Facilities

ZWE’s technical and operational expertise can provide a range of waste processing services to meet  your project requirements. 
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Zero Waste Energy


Transform your organic waste into energy through ZWE’s SMARTFERM dry anaerobic digestion technology.  The “AD to CNG” pathway for your collection fleet is a carbon negative fuel for waste management operations. 



ZWE offers a number of approaches to turn your SMARTFERM digestate into salable compost.  Our fully enclosed  In-Vessel Composting System is a proven industrial approach to complete maturation of compost for sale.  SMARTTURN is the newest technology to use traditional turning technologies with IVC to mature and process digestate into high quality compost. 
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How SMARTFERM Technology Works

Watch how our dry AD process works in this brief three minute video. For more information on our SMARTFERM technology and dry AD projects, click here.

Zero Waste Energy in the News

Turning Food Waste into Energy

February 26, 2014
CCTV America

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“The SMARTFERM system is a win – win for the community: allowing us to extract the energy as well as compost from the food scraps generated by our hospitality industry. The implementation of this program will further strengthen the Monterey Peninsula’s reputation as a sustainable destination.”
William Merry, Monterey Regional Waste Management District
“We’re excited about expanding our zero waste program with the opening of this state-of-the-art facility next year. We’ve had a very successful new commercial collection system roll out and will be using the latest proven organics processing technology, allowing us to meet San José’s Green Vision goal of diverting waste from our landfill and converting waste to energy.”
Kerrie Romanow, San Jose Environmental Services Department
“SMARTFERM will give us the ability to reduce the organics going to the landfill by converting that same waste into CNG fuel that will power our collection routes…a true closed loop system. Good for us, the cities we serve, and California as well.”
Doug Button, South San Francisco Scavengers, Co. LLC.